Upgrading/ rebuilding a website – how to keep the local ranking?

I’ll ask this in 2 parts if that’s okay, short first & then longer, I’m also hoping to find some more info on SEO.

I built a website for a family member a good few years ago, as well as a few others in the years since for other people/ community groups etc.

I did them for free as a learning experience – the family member one is terrible (IMO anyway- he’s still happy with it 🤷) and I’d like to redo it.

My main issue is that it’s number 1 on Google for the search terms that get him leads and I don’t want to ruin that, any advice on this for me please?

I’ll follow up with another longer post, but basically, I’m planning to do more sites for people in the future and start charging. I’m endlessly away from home with my current business and am essentially looking to pivot – I’m really keen to do some proper learning for WordPress and local SEO.

Any help is much appreciated.


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