User record issue

We recently migrated our WordPress website from an older in-house windows server to a third party linux server.

When we imported our database, something went wrong with the users table and whenever we would add a new user, it was added with an id of 0, so while we could see them in the user list, there was an issue with the entry.

After some googling, I found something related to enabling auto increment and how when you move from an older MySQL to a newer MySQL, it can affect that rule. Enabling the auto increment in the user table worked and we have been able to add users that are getting assigned the correct IDs.

Today, I was testing role capabilities on our page builder (WP Bakery Builder) so I added my gmail account as a user and select a custom role. When I add a new user and assign them to a custom role, they are added initially, but it seems when they login and make a change to a page, they don’t receive the “Page Updated Successfully” message though it is updated, and it is stripping out their role, firstname, lastname, and nickname. If we go in and add these things back into their profile, it adds them temporarily – I can see it on the screen, but then it strips it out again.

Anybody have an idea of what’s going on? This appears to be happening in both testing and production and the only thing I can think of is I applied the original auto-increment fix in both databases.

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  1. I would recommend you to do the migration using plugin like WPVivid or UpdraftPlus, both has free versions which support taking backup and restoring that.


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