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Hi All,

It’s my first time since a very, very long time using wordpress again and I have some issues with a function I want to create to automate a cronjob.

I’m trying to select the users i have from wp_users table and insert a few values into another table on the same database, but different table (users).

I’ve got so far with this code, but when i run it nothing happens. Not even an error.

Any suggestions are welcomed. Thank you

function wp_users_table_bind(){
global $wpdb;
$secret = mksecret();
$added = time();

$result = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT * FROM {$wpdb->prefix}users" );

foreach( $result as $results ){
$name = $results['user_login'];
$passhash = $results['user_pass'];
$email = $results['user_email'];

$wpdb->query("INSERT INTO users (username, passhash, secret, email, status, added) VALUES ($name, $passhash, $secret, $email, $status, $added) 
username = $name,
passhash = $passhash,
secret = $secret,
email = $email,
status = $status,
added = $added");


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