Using Google Photos in WordPress posts

I’ve been using WP for decades, but I’m suddenly stuck trying to post images from my Android phone, with images stored in Google Photos. I’ve always used my desktop computer in the past, and pulled images from the local file system, but at the moment I’m stuck with only my Android smartphone and Google Photos. I have successfully associated my Google Photos account to my WP (self-hosted) account, and I can browse through my GP photos, but whenever I choose a photo, it puts a greyed-out version of the image in the post, then eventually times out and places a blank placeholder in the post.

I eventually discovered that if I resize the image in GP first, then the attempt succeeds (suggesting a size limitation), but I would like to be able to have this step done automatically – I’ve set my default image size to approx 1920×1020, so it would make sense that all uploaded images are resized to that target size. All my photos in GP are rather large, as is typical for any modern smartphone (typically 4000×3000 pixels).

I then tried using the Android App to post images. This attempt succeeded, but – it will only pull from the device (phone) repository and not the GP repository. Plus – once posted (which worked, as I can see the post live on the web) I cannot really ‘edit’ the post using the app – it pulls up just the text content, with placeholder-spaces where the images should be (even when I choose a resized, small photo).

Finally – while I successfully associated my GP account to my self-hosted WP site login account, I cannot see where I can modify or remove this association within the WP dashboard.

EDIT TO ADD – following on from the last paragraph, I got temporary access to a desktop computer and accessed my site from there. But I was NOT able to access / link to my GP account; I can only insert images from the gallery or from the ‘device’ (which is the desktop computer). So I’m really unclear as to how exactly I was able to access GP from my smartphone; the link ought to be universally available.

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