Using WordPress to make an RSS aggregator/social network, is this pushing it?

Hey all, I’ve had an idea stewing for a while in an RSS aggregate site where users can login and view their own personal RSS feed.

On a main page there would be a “main feed”, all the most subscribed RSS channels would be here, along with a comment thread on each RSS post.

Is this too much or too specific for WordPress. I know there’s RSS plugins, commenting system plugins, etc. I just don’t know if I can marry this all together. It seems like I won’t know until I upgrade to Creator Mode.


  1. It’s possible to custom code this of course, but don’t do custom work like this in Get some proper WordPress hosting.

  2. You must master the API style of kung-fu young grasshopper, the fury of the fist with Gets and the mighty blows of the Posts. The RSS style is timeless and true, yes, but ineffective for the journey you face.


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