very satisfied with the current theme – the current standard theme. but in a few days a new WP version is coming: 6.5: does it come with a new Standard-theme?

Good evening,

First of all: I am very satisfied with **the current theme** – the current standard theme. but in a few days a new WP version is coming: 6.5

Does V 6.5 come with **a new standard theme?** Do you have any information here – perhaps even a web-site with a preview?!

I’m happy to hear from you

  1. You are good to go. The standard theme will work without issues (I assume you are using 202x).
    You might receive some updates and fixes but nothing will be broken unless you manually change the theme.

  2. There is no one “Standard Theme”.

    There are a few official themes that come with the install package. Usually only one per year and they are named for the year. When new themes are introduced they will not replace your theme or anything. It would simply be a new option.

    Occasionally they will release fixes or small updates to an existing theme but those are usually safe to apply with no problems.

  3. 6.5 won’t have a new theme bundled.

    WordPress 6.4 late last year had the new Twenty Twenty-Four theme, so 6.5 is out-of -cycle theme wise.

    If you don’t know this, you should: They don’t make us upgrade to the theme-of-the-year. We can keep using any bundled theme we like. They’re still maintaining all the ones they’ve released. So, make a child theme and use any bundled theme with confidence that it won’t go obsolete. (code-wise, I personally have zero understanding of evolving design aesthetics.)

    The core team people really care about backward compatibility. They just now are finally dropping support for MySQL 5.0 (released 2005) and requiring a minimum 5.5 (2010).

    To be clear, we can keep using any theme, from any developer, from release to release. Release don’t force theme replacement except when the old theme stops working due to php version upgrade or some such end-of-software-life issue. Not all themes keep up with the latest refinements to core as well as the bundled themes do. But some other developers, the conscientious and most competent, keep up too.


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