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Hello @ikus1i

Thank you very much for using our plugin. The implementation will depends on your data.

If every person has associated a weight for a survey with three possible answers. Each time a user votes, you can populate four variables in the database, I will call them A, B, C, and TOTAL.

If the user selects the first choice, the variables A and TOTAL will be increased in the user weight.

If the user selects the second choice, you can increase the variables B and TOTAL, and C and TOTAL if the user selects the third choice.

At the end of the process, you can generate the ranking of the votes by comparing the values A/TOTAL, B/TOTAL, and C/TOTAL. Or if you want them into percentages: A/TOTAL*100, B/TOTAL*100, and C/TOTAL*100

Best regards.


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