Wanted: Woo-Translation Tool | No post duplication | Publish to TLD

We are looking for a translation tool for a WooCommerce store with thousands of products in hundreds of categories. Most popular plugins (WPML, Polylang, Translatepress, MultilingualPress) won’t work, as we **cannot duplicate** posts, attributes, or even the full WP-Installation.

We also need to output the translation to another TLD (e.g. acme.fr > acme.de) – this also rules out tools like Weglot. The tool could live within the WordPress installation, yet we tend to prefer an external platform that sends its output to the WP database.

**All constraints…**

* No post or attributes duplication, no multisite possible
* File-upload option given (e.g. all manually translated URLs for a post type)
* Output translation to another TLD (not subdomain or directory)
* Sane cost for AI pre-translation
* Glossary (definition of brand-terms)
* Nice UI for translation editing
* Sane ongoing cost (don’t pay again for already translated content)
* Local translation storage, perfect support for **Search and Product Filters**
* Minimal performance impact. Low number of requests, separate db-tables

Any recommendations?


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