We member area – delay release pages


I have a member area setup. I want to be able to only give accounts post purchase of a product. They’ll get details in an automated email.

After they login I want them to have a number of sub pages each with a Ninja form on to collect some responses. I want to be able to release a new page to then each week (or variable period) with a new form. This could go out to different customers on different dates. It would by default send tk everyone say on the Monday of a given week but some could be on release 29, others on release 3

Is there an easy solution?

  1. This sounds like terrible UX. 10/10 if I’ve paid for a membership, don’t want to be completing forms to get new content I should have access to. Instead why not just grant access to a category and automatically give access? Why put yet another barrier when your users have already paid you for access?


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