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Hello @valentinaemme9bi,

Thanks for reaching out about your site name in search results.

The plugin will use the name of your WordPress site as the website name, as indicated in WordPress > Settings > General. If you want a different name to be displayed in the search results, you can change the site name in the field WordPress > Yoast SEO > Settings > General > Site Basics > Website name. This will overwrite the default WordPress site name in the structured data code that Yoast SEO outputs for the name of the WebSite.

In addition to controlling the site name, you can also control the output for the alternateName structured data by filling in the “Alternate website name” field. Like name, this is a property of the WebSite structured data. Here, you can enter a (potentially shorter) alternate name for your website. You can read more here.

I ran the URL through Google’s rich result test tool, and you have "name":"Studio Patrizia Zenesini" though the domain name still shows in search results. See screenshot. So, this isn’t a problem with Yoast SEO or WordPress; doing everything correctly is not a foolproof guarantee.

I recommend posting a question in the Google Search Central Help Community for further assistance.

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Hi Maybellyne,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I will post my question to the community you suggest.

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