Website URL and DNS settings

I registered a domain on Alibaba and am trying to set up a WordPress site on it. They have a one click deployment that creates a WordPress site for you. I used that, but I’m having problems with the site because when I try to access it I get an error that my browser cannot connect to the site. This error only happened after I changed the URL in the WordPress settings.

Originally, when I got access to the WordPress site, in the WordPress settings, the site URL listed was the IP address for the simple application server that has the WordPress site on it. The DNS records were an A record pointing to the IP address. With those settings, everything was working fine.

However, in the WordPress site, in the WordPress settings, I updated the site URL to be the normal URL ( instead of the IP address that was originally listed there. After I did that I can no longer access the site.

My best guess is that this is related to the DNS settings because the DNS settings are still resolving to the IP address, but the WordPress site is at the URL address ( I’ve tried lots of different DNS settings but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this problem? I have access to the DNS settings and other things at the hosting provider, but I cannot access the WordPress site to make any changes in the WordPress settings .


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