Welcome to Support Forum — Please Read Before Posting

Welcome to the Simple Cloudflare Turnstile support forum. Here are some notes we’d like you to keep in mind:

This plugin is 100% free, developed as a way to give back to the WordPress community.

Everyone helping you here is a volunteer. Even the author of the plugin is a volunteer. No one gets paid for answering your questions. Please be kind and polite.

You can post a support thread on these forums to get help from the community, and we will also keep an eye on this quite frequently, providing support and answers where possible.

However, we can not guarantee an answer every single support ticket, or in most cases a response may take several days or even weeks.

The developer of this plugin, and other support volunteers may at times be very busy with their other paid work, so their spare time can be very limited for providing free plugin support.

Please do not try to contact the developer or other support volunteers outside these forums regarding support for this plugin.

Thank you for using Simple Cloudflare Turnstile! 😃


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