What are the best practices for offline backup of the WP-based website’s content?

We are using hosted WordPress (like BlueHost and WPEngine) services to host our WordPress-based websites. What are the best practices for offline backup of the WP-based website’s content? We do daily backups on the hosted services website, but I’d like to have the option of having an independent backup.


The hosted services have been reliable so far, but I don’t like that we are 100% dependent on the WP service provider.

  1. If you have SFTP and phpMyAdmin access – just pull a copy of the wp-content folder, and export your database, and store them locally. Alternatively use a plugin like All-In-One migration to export a copy to file and save it somewhere offline. If you’re site is large, you’ll need the unlimited extension to restore from the back up, but it’s cheap and totally worth it.

  2. I use the Back WP Up plugin’s free version. https://wordpress.org/plugins/backwpup/

    I have an AWS account for which I pay about a dollar a month, and I get the plugin to push the backups there and to the local server disk drive.

    Being doing this for about 12 years with no issues.

  3. When you say, “offline” do you mean to your local machine? In my opinion, uses an additional cloud storage provider would be sufficient. For example, WP Engine stores backups to AWS S3. So, you could install something like Updraft plugin (free) and link it up with a Google Drive account and then automate nightly backups there.

    Now you have backups available via WPEngine as well as Google Drive.

  4. Use WPVivid, one of the best backup plugins. You can download the files to your computer (local).

  5. All In One WP Migration is a great plugin that will download the entire website into a migratable file that can be imported in one step.


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