What are things you wished you had known before starting your first website on WP?


I am planning to build a website on WordPress (surprise)!

The website is a comparison website for apartments and its main function is that people can search and filter through apartments based on multiple criteria (note: it’s not quite as simple as that. I am picking a very niche type of accommodation rather than just “apartments”).

**Here’s what I have done so far in terms of preparation:**

1. I plan to use [Wordpress.Org](http://Wordpress.Org), Bluehost, and the Houzez theme.

2. I have created a standardized “database” containing all the apartments I want to list on the website. The plan is to bulk upload the data.

3. My background is in SEO, so I plan to publish blog posts and other relevant gated and ungated content to increase my website’s chances of ranking on Google and generating leads. I have already created the first ten blog posts, which are ready for publication, and selected topics for the next 20. I will use Yoast as an SEO plugin.

4. I have mapped out my sitemap, considering how similar sites are built.

5. I have done my keyword research identifying promising long-tail keywords and plan to optimize some of my pages for them.

6. I have secured my domain name and created a logo.

**Areas that I am not very familiar with and where I have concerns:**

1. Bluehost: is it the right hosting provider? If so, which plan should I start with?

2. Technical SEO: I have no idea what my site’s page speed will be or how to build the website to optimize its speed.

3. Images: I need to upload at least 5 to 10 images per apartment. What’s an efficient way of doing this? Which resolution should they be?

4. “Unknown unknowns”: what else am I missing?

What are things you wished you had known before starting your first website on WP?

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  1. 1. In my opinion, bluehost is extremely overrated. Keyword – EXTREMELY. I would go for something like Namecheap or if you’re more technical, Digital Ocean

    2. Worry about this once you’ve already built the site. Build first, optimize later


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