What would you do? Updating site with 5.5 PHP and Elementor

I had a client come to me with an outdated WordPress site and having issues (undoubtedly because it is outdated). There are tons of extra/ unused plugins, themes out of date, WordPress out of date, and running PHP 5.5. 

I am updating the site in a staging environment and after a second attempt, I was able to update the WordPress, the theme (Somalite) and most of the plug-ins successfully. 6 plug-ins can’t be updated because they’re incompatible with the PHP version. I intend to update everything I can and the PHP last. 

When I try and update Elementor Pro on the staging site (with my license), I can do so with the zip file but it is at that point when the site breaks and reverts to an older version of the site (different headers, branding, logo, etc.). It makes sense, as the new versions of Elementor say they are compatible with 7.3+. 

Would you try at this point to update the PHP and then go back and update the Elementor and the few other plugins that aren’t compatible with 5.5?

Thank you!

1 Comment
  1. It’s most likely being caused by the defunct PHP level. I would have updated the PHP version first, then the plugins as the core is PHP


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