What’s the difference between using a email plug in and an external email platform?

I’m trying to figure out what email service I want to use. Mailer lite and email octopus seem like good options. I’ve also seen plug in email services such as mail poet and WP Mail SMTP.

What are the main differences between using the plug-ins vs using the platforms?

  1. Most email services use a plugin. The question you’re trying to ask is what’s the difference between letting my web server handle email versus using an email deliverability service.

  2. SMTP email is going to be much more reliable and secure and scalable than letting the web server handle it

  3. WP Mail SMTP is a plugin which can access various external mail services. I strongly recommend you use an external service for sending mail. The plugin has good documentation for setting up the various services, just choose one and set it up – the plugin does the rest. I usually set up Mailgun. Unless you are sending a lot of mail it is free, or almost free.


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