What’s the optimal migration process look like?

Hey all, have been creating sites for several years on and off and decided to go full time with it late last year as I transitioned out of a ten+ year career in the tech services industry.

Recently made the choice to move host & domain provider and wanted to use this as a learning experience for offering WP migration services for clients. Despite my years migrating server apps & other parts of the tech stack, I can’t seem to get my hear around WP migration.

I understand the fundamentals of two entities not being able to share the same name (blah.com), and those entities requiring a domain name to be accessible… so how do you go about migrating WP sites \*without\* renaming one of them?

EG: [mycompany.com](http://mycompany.com) > mycompany1.com?

All the tutorials I’ve seen seem to come down to that: 1-click exports, moving DBs/tables, etc – the catch is that the new site must have a different name.

In my case, my old site is up (for now) until the domain transfer occurs, and then I think I’ll have to start from scratch, right?


How do you go about migrating WP sites without changing the business name/new site domain name?

EG do you use a localhost install first to backup, then move that and just hope that when the domain transfer occurs that everything works, constantly checking in the interim?

  1. Moving hosts doesn’t involve changing the domain name? Or you duplicate the site or simply moving it?

    Most hosts will give you a temporary domain to setup your site, before switching the DNS. Consulting your hosts documentation or contact their support.

    Use a backup/migration plugin like Updraft or WPVivid to perform the migration.

  2. Depends on where you’re migrating from.

    Some platforms like GoDaddy make it very, very annoying to automate it.

    It’s often easier to just recreate everything from scratch or copy and paste lots of things if the export doesn’t work properly.

    And I don’t really understand your domain question – are you changing the domain once you’ve migrated the content over?


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