When you press the button trigger, the page is locked

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Kim L


Hi @iskipper123,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues when trying to trigger the popup.

We visited your page and saw a JavaScript error right away related to a specific plugin.

See here: https://share.zight.com/lluOG9zd

Aside from that, It looks like a browser styling rule messes up how Popup Maker displays that popup.

Can you try the CSS override solution in this doc?

We used the browser dev tools to test that same override on your site. Your popup showed up although the positioning needs some fixing.

See our test here: https://share.zight.com/L1uy1NzQ

Our test is only temporary. You need to make the fix permanent on your site by following the instructions in the guide above.

Let us know how it goes. 🙏

Thank you for responding to my message. I disabled the plugin that I showed, namely Minify, which you noted. I also added the styles that are written in the instructions, namely:

.pum-overlay.pum-active .popmake.active {
display: block !important;

As you showed, the popup points in the other direction. In the console, I noticed that new errors appeared https://share.zight.com/Jru5rxJ5

Another plugin for booking routes also does not work accordingly. I don’t even know what the problem is…

Hello. Thank you for everything, I started building the site from scratch because I think there were problems with the code. Good luck to you.

Hi @iskipper123 ,

Thanks for the feedback.

It appears that there is a code conflict there.

To confirm where it’s coming from:

Install and activate WordPress’s Health Check & Troubleshooting (https://projectdmc.org/plugins/health-check/) plugin, along with the Twenty Twenty-Four or Twenty Twenty-Three theme.

Once the troubleshooting plugin is active, go to your plugins page and click Troubleshooting Mode for our plugin to figure out if a theme or other plugin is interfering with ours. 

You’ll also need to turn off any custom code (including custom caching).

Note: The Troubleshooting Mode automatically switches to a WordPress default theme (e.g., Twenty Twenty-Four) and deactivates all the other plugins only for you (your site runs normally for everyone else).

Now, you’re ready to troubleshoot for possible conflicts. Follow these steps:

  1. Test for the error. If the error is gone, it’s a good sign that your site’s theme, plugins, or custom code clashes with our plugin. Time to narrow it down!
  2. Potential time saver: Check the theme first since that’s quick. Hover over Troubleshooting Mode > Themes in the top admin toolbar and switch back to your main theme.
  3. Retest for the error. If you see the error, your main theme is the most likely cause. If not, you can keep the main theme active and move on to the plugins.
  4. Activate your other plugins one at a time, constantly testing for the error after you activate each plugin. Keep going until the error comes back. Potential time saver: If you initially saw the error after installing new plugins or updating any existing plugins, activate those first 1-by-1.
  5. If you see the error, deactivate the last plugin you activated and retest.
  6. If the error disappears again, the last plugin you deactivated is causing a conflict. Make a note and keep it deactivated.
  7. Return to step #4 to keep testing for other possible conflicts (do the same for custom code after you finish the plugins).

You should have a list of the conflicting themes, plugins, and custom code you can now share with the appropriate support team.

If that does not help, kindly send us a message via Support Request – Popup Maker.

We’ll wait for your response.


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