Where can I edit those modal pop ups?

Hi. Most of the text can’t be edited without making direct changes to the code. If you found that some text needs improvements/fixes then you can post here (or create a pull request to GitHub) and I might implement/approve them.

Hi, oooh okay. There is not much to change but here are a few

  • Change No. to Seat Number (this can be found on registration > cart popup)
  • Change Contact information to Contact Information (this can be found on registration > cart popup)
  • Change seat selected to Seat Selecter (registration view)
  • Change Seat to Seat Number (this can be found on PDF)

Would like if you can share me where to edit those strings.


Well technically you can make code changes using WordPress plugin editor (Tools->Plugin File Editor). But keep in mind that all changes will be lost next time plugin is updated.


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