Which GDPR plugin is best

My website has traffic from all over the world, our company is based in Singapore. I recently installed GDPR plugin and there was no traffic showing in our Google Analytics.

Which is the best free wordpress plugin i can use for GDPR? and how can I show GDPR consent only to the users from EU and hide it from rest of the world?

  1. Personally, and this may be the wrong take, but I would go down the route of a general cookie consent plugin, that shows for everyone, which links to a page with all your cookie information on, regardless of location. So the banner would have a ‘ok’ option, to accept for anyone, and a link to the cookies page as mentioned above. With that, you’ll be ok

  2. I bet yeah. I’m not sure how a blanket statement which covers the full information of cookies used on the site and related information wouldn’t be enough, but I can believe it

  3. Choosing the best GDPR plugin depends on your specific needs, website platform, and budget. Here are a few popular options across different platforms:

    1. **WordPress**:
    * GDPR Cookie Consent by CookieLawInfo: Provides cookie consent management with various customization options.
    * WP GDPR Compliance: Helps with compliance by providing tools like data access, deletion requests, and cookie consent.

    Thanks you


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