Who uses roots.io WordPress Ecosystem? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Hey there! Who here uses the roots.io wordpress ecosystem? I was looking for a bundler when I found bud, and from there, looked into sage and bedrock.

It has supposedly been around for over 10 years, supposedly combining features of WordPress and Laravel, but only just heard of it via bud, even though I do some Laravel work sometimes.

Has anyone used this? What are your thoughts?

  1. We used it for all of our site. Good choice.

    Moved companies, that’s why haven’t picked it up again. But would be my first choice if getting back to WP dev

  2. I have used it lately for creating 2 sites from scratch. One just Bedrock and the other one still on development with Sage. For Bedrock I havent found any pros except for better security. For Sage I have not found any pros at the time we speak.

  3. I use sage at my job currently, I feel it’s bloated and overcomplicated and the docs aren’t very extensive

    For anything outside of work I stay clear


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