Who’s using LocalWP, WP-env or wp-now?

Hi everyone

Anyone using the above? I’m trying desperately to get my local setup under control but everything I’ve tried fails for one reason or another.

I love LocalWp, the GUI, it’s easy to setup and just works. I now need to run this along side by development and production environments. I tried webpack but everything I read, people put you off with the negative comments.

I tried Vite which is really fast but couldn’t get it working 100% with LocalWP for instance, HMR wouldn’t work.

I quickly tried wp-env but found out that WP-now took over.

From the videos I’ve seen, this seems pretty cool. From what I can work out, rather than downloading WordPress and creating themes, just start with your theme folder and it knows it’s a theme or plugin for block. LocalWP uses the full WordPress installation which works but I do like the simplicity of wp-now.

My issue with that was I couldn’t even get started. I installed it, created my theme folder, ran wp-now start and it gets stuck downloading SQLite. I cannot get past this. I’m using an M1 Mac with MacOS Sonoma.

Just wondering if any of you with my setup use wp-now, vite, localwp and how you have it working for you.


  1. Use LocalWP, and git version everything. What are you doing that you need localWP to run side by side with production? You need to be pulling from prod to update staging?

  2. I am using LocalWP with vite without any issue, I am using [https://github.com/kucrut/vite-for-wp](https://github.com/kucrut/vite-for-wp) you may need 1 day to understand the whole setup but it’s running fine after that, HMR as well as build version also working, I use vite to develop my custom admin panel in vue, as well as form on public side of site.

  3. I’ve been using LocalWP for 99% of our projects since it’s connected directly to our hosting (FlyWheel).
    Make it a breeze to pull and push.


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