Why am i unable to add additional css to my theme?

So i am trying to change the font color of some texts in my WP theme with the help of additional CSS but for some reason it wont apply!

I am so frustrated at the moment i have cleared all cache from my browser , i have no plugins but still the css is not applying …

Honestly WP is easy to use in most cases but when i get trapped in such cases i just start hating such website builders ….

Some images below :-


[Identifying class using dev tools](https://preview.redd.it/3xh5ov8t449d1.png?width=2560&format=png&auto=webp&s=6fb3a083e8bd3397c403afb4a3111083e94ec906)

[content inside the h2 tag](https://preview.redd.it/6vr5i6z7f49d1.jpg?width=2556&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=31878f0eb0348d281512e61c7d52d2ac2ce587e9)

Would really appreciate if someone can help me figure this out..tysm in advance

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  1. Why are you changing colors with CSS instead of changing them through the theme settings?

    You should have your colors palette somewhere, and should be able to change all the colors.

    Alternatively, you can also assign to heading elements, links, text, etc. any color of your palette.

    The same can be applied to all the colors you are changing through CSS. I think it’s a good practice to stick to a palette of colors, so it would be better to use variables, like `var(–global-palette3)` instead of hardcoding hex color values.

    You can see your H2s use the `–global-palette3`color. You should be able to assign another color of your palette to your H2s, or change the color itself on the colors menu.

    On your second image, you should open your H2 tag to show what’s inside. In the right column, you can see in “*Styles*” what’s assigned to H2s, but when it has a link, it usually switches to use the link colors.

    You should select the text itself on the element inspector and see the “*Computed*” tab on the right column.

    Also on the element inspector, you can right click **Copy > Copy selector** to see how to target that element.


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