Why can’t I get a calendar to display correctly?!

I’m trying to use an appointments plugin with woocommerce. Every plugin I’ve tried (Woocommerce bookings, YITH, Woocommerce appointments) has the same problem: the calendar number dates are displayed vertically, not in the grid. Can someone please help me figure out what could be causing this?

Theme: Kadence, Hosting: Siteground


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  1. Check your theme: Make sure its fully compatible with WooCommerce coz certain theme may conflict with the plugin calendar
    Plugin Compatibility: plugins might have specific styling or compatibility settings related to calendar display. Make sure you’ve configured them correctly. Additionally, check for any known issues or updates related to these plugins.
    CSS Customization: you can also try customizing the CSS for the calendar display. You can add custom CSS rules to your theme or use a child theme to avoid losing changes during theme updates. Look for the specific CSS classes or IDs associated with the calendar elements and adjust their styling as needed. Example
    /* Example CSS (adjust as needed) */
    .woocommerce .widget_calendar table {
    /* Your styling rules here */

    If it persist reach out


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