WooCommerce Filter addition works great, except the EXTREMELY slow “Clear filter”

This is the category page I built the filter on:

**(please click “SHOW FILTERS”)**

I think all functionality is there and I am ok with its speed. But when I want to clear the filter by clicking “CLEAR FILTER” it takes 20 seconds or longer which is not user-friendly at all and management will mention it for sure.

I suspect WooCommerce is at fault, and I wonder how I can speed this up. Any help or troubleshooting step-by-step would be much appreciated.

TIA and have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. It’s highly unlikely that it is WooCommerce, even highly unlikely it is WordPress. This filter button is JavaScript. So it’s likely theme based code, or some JavaScript from a plug-in you added?

    I wouldn’t really use JavaScript for this unless you know React or comparable JS lib.

    The best user experience is the one that is simple & works.

    A better option would be to have a unique URL for each filter. You likely already have this, and may not even know it. This way they can be pre-rendered, cached, load instantly, and SEO would be much better… WooCommerce/WP does it out of the box.

    Eg: use the same buttons, but just link them to each URL.

    Also, I’m not sure who you’re hosting with, but I would change to using a dedicated VM with something like Serverpilot. Your load time is really slow already, but this could be a side effect of just the JavaScript that is on that page.

    Best of luck!


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