WooCommerce Subscriptions not full price charge


I have WooCommerce Subscriptions installed. Now i have created a subscription which should charge 15 euros a year. Awlways on August 1st, even if you get the membership in January i still want the full 15 euros to be charged. I know that this is possible, as it worked before.

Now it reduces the price, so that you only pay the amount of days left of the full price. See picture below.

I need this to always charge 15 euros, I cannot find an option within the subscription product (Its a simple virtual subscription product) that allows for this. If code needs to be added that is fine, as its to be done for all subscriptions on the website.

  • This topic was modified 4 hours, 59 minutes ago by sadavinci.
  • This topic was modified 4 hours, 58 minutes ago by sadavinci.


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