WordPress 6.5 is finally here!

1/ Font Library – Add and manage fonts directly in the Site Editor with the new WordPress Font Library. You can now install fonts to your site from Google Fonts, while developers can also integrate other third-party font collections.

2/ Block Bindings – Create dynamic connections between block attributes and external data sources, enabling more interactive, personalized, and adaptable content, as changes at those sources reflect in blocks. Note, it’s code-only for now.

3/ Interactivity API – Add interactions to blocks on the frontend of a site, with the Interactivity API—a new standard for sharing data, actions, and callbacks between blocks.

4/ Data Views – WordPress 6.5 introduces a new method for rendering data throughout WordPress, starting with the templates, patterns and pages within the Site Editor. And soon you’ll be able to create custom views—much like in Notion and Airtable—with data in WordPress.

5/ Refreshed link control – A refreshed link editing experience that prioritizes usability, along with a slimmer profile, and a new “Copy link” control.

6/ Revisions for templates and template parts – Design confidently with a detailed history of site changes for templates, template parts, and global styles.

7/ List View enhancements – A new drag-and-drop experience that offers enhanced visualization and item displacement, streamlining your workflow more effectively than ever. Also, quickly access a block’s options menu with new right-click support.


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