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I’m new to WordPress and I wanted to ask some questions about hosting, considering that hosting companies don’t provide contact details to answer questions.

1- I created a website on localhost using xampp, do the plugins associated with that WordPress go to the hosting company (like hostinger) together or do they need to be reinstalled?

2- Is the MySQL Database that I created on localhost associated with the localhost database or not? If not, just create the database on your hosting company, right?

3- Is there any way to test the weight/performance of the site on localhost or only after the site is published?

4- Last but not least, if possible, cite sets of good practices to maintain good performance on the website

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  1. 1. The plugins are stored in the wp-content/plugins folder. The settings are stored in the database. As long as you migrate all the web files and the complete database to your webhost, you don’t need to do anythen else.

    2. You’ll have to create a database on your webhosting. AFter that, you’ll be able to import an sql dump file so you can migrate the content (tables and rows) of your local database to the database on your webserver.

    3. Yes but it’s harder. You can use the Chrome Developer Tools to check how large each page is, but since it’s local everything will load fast. It will load slower on a webserver (depens on the quality and resources of the server). When it’s live, you’ll also be able to enter your URL in tools like Pingdom en GTMetrix, which will give you a good indication of the speed of your website.

    4. Most important thing is keeping the images small. Make sure that you use a good plugin (like Imagify or EWWW) to compress and resize your images. Or even better: compress/resize the images by yourself before uploading them to your site. Plugins also take up resources, so make sure to only use a plugin if you really need it. This will also help with the security of your site (since every plugin can introduce a security bug).


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