WordPress Core vulnerabilities?


We. use Plesk with the WordPress Toolkit. The WP toolkit had an update yesterday and now next to
Patchstack it is also using the Wordfence Database.

Two new (old) vulnerabilities are now displayed within the WP toolkit and there is no migitation / update possible:


WordPress Core – Informational – All known Versions – Weak Hashing Algorithm
All known versions of WordPress core use a weak MD5-based password hashing algorithm, which makes it easier for attackers to determine cleartext values by leveraging access to the hash values. NOTE: the approach to changing this may not be fully compatible with certain use cases, such as migration of a WordPress site from a web host that uses a recent PHP version to a different web host that uses PHP 5.2. These use cases are plausible (but very unlikely) based on statistics showing widespread deployment of WordPress with obsolete PHP versions.

Date: 20.06.2012 | Source: Wordfence



WordPress Core – All Known Versions – Cleartext Storage of wp\_signups.activation\_key
All known versions of WordPress Core store cleartext wp\_signups.activation\_key values (but stores the analogous wp\_users.user\_activation\_key values as hashes), which might make it easier for remote attackers to hijack unactivated user accounts by leveraging database read access (such as access gained through an unspecified SQL injection vulnerability).
This record contains material that is subject to copyright.
Date: 10.10.2017 | Source Wordfence

Is there a way to migitate both?


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