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Longtime HTML guy here. Recently I converted my site to WordPress to conserve time while creating content. However, I have an issue.

I’ve been using Disqus for years on my site and coded HTML to show the number of comments each article contains. Upon implementing WordPress, I chose Elementor as a theme with Classic as my editor. Under Settings-> Reading, I use the static page option. Underneath, I have a designated home and post page. If I use a static post page, I can post articles easily but without comment count.

I researched the solution, and the answer appeared to be reverting back to HTML within WordPress to both post my articles and show comment count. This doesn’t save me much time.

My question is: Is there a simpler solution for WordPress to show Disqus comment counts? Thanks.

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  1. I would think the disqus plugin handles all that. Your setup as described makes no sense to me. Start over. Also you seemed confused as some posts are pages and some are blog posts suitable for comments.


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