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Hello guys, i’m a begineer with wordpress and recently the small company i work for wanted to rework the website, so they asked me to make a copy of the website and throw in a subdomain so the guy who’s going alter the site design could work without disturb the main site, i made a copy of the site using the plugin they had bought and used before called solidcopy, it went fine, but any links in the main page were getting 404 erros from litespeed cache, so after reseaching some guides on how to fix this i instaled this plugin to fix broken links, i assumed i would only affect the [dev.domain.com](https://dev.domain.com/), the ideia was that the links were still pointing to the main site, so to fix that the plugin **Velvet Blues Update URLs** was installed, but now is redirecting every link in the main site to the dev one, even the wp-admin page, how can i fix this?

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  1. Seems like you’ve likely mistakenly installed on the live site and redirected to staging – and are performing actions outside the scope of your knowledge. At this point, without direct access by a developer, we as a community are unlikely to be able to help directly.


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