WordPress jobs

I worked for one year using wordpress in freelance sites
Making many portfolio using elementor and css editing
But in this time I dont have any freelance chance.
My question please
With my qualified can I found company and work part or full time using this qualified or must learn js php.

  1. Almost no established company uses Elementor for their page, but instead a custom-code solution. Consider looking at r/webdev for what tech stack is in at the moment.

    But if you‘re into freelance, you might be fine off with Elementor. Simply stop looking for Elementor/WordPress jobs, but start offering websites instead. High quality & modern websites. Most customers don’t care if we use Elementor or Gutenberg, nor if we use WordPress, Drupal, or no CMS at all.

    If you focus on the Web Design, not on the Development and additionally offer the latter (with Elementor), that’s fine too. That’s basically what most of the Webflow/Framer guys are doing.

    You eventually will need PHP and JS to create what you have in mind. But you’ll learn that along the way. I design and build websites using Bricks r/bricksbuilderio and do need PHP/JS. But I’ve never learned these, you simply google once you have a question and after some time you start to learn the basics automatically. Just get started crafting.

    Again, that’s for freelance only. Bigger companies rarely use any page builder at all.


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