WordPress – latest things to be aware of for interview

So I have an interview coming up at a (mainly) wordpress shop for a non-developer role (though i’d be working closely with them). Though I’ve worked with wordpress before, I’ve mainly had experience in the past with more Drupal-focused shops.

To help prep, i’ve reviewed the basics of WP, got a demo instance going to review the admin/backend, and some basic plugins (SEO, content type-creator, webforms), and to get the hang of gutenberg.

Are there any other things that I should be somewhat aware of? Specifically, any latest developments or news around WP? i’m anticipating questions along the lines of “What’s your experience with WP?” or “What are your favourite WP plugins?” or “How have you kept up to date on WP (or Drupal) news?”

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  1. If it’s a shop, you should learn about WooCommerce, the leading e-commerce plugin for WP.

    You should learn how to create coupons, invoices, and product variations.

    One of the most accessed WP news sites is [https://wptavern.com/](https://wptavern.com/), which is pretty good.

    You should also know about Gutenberg and block themes. How to use and create patterns is a plus.

    A plugin that a lot of websites use is ACF. It creates custom fields for posts, pages, blogs, etc. Knowing how it works is a must.

    The most used SEO plugins are Yoast and AIOSEO.


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