WordPress.org site is missing sitemap and failing Google PageSpeed check

Hi there!

I am newly employed by a law firm. They spent a lot of money to have a third party build out their site and SEO, and it was done extremely poorly. I am attempting to build out their site and SEO without changing the theme, but I am unsure if this is possible. They are using [Wordpress.org](https://Wordpress.org). DM me for a link to the site if you want to take a look.

They have Total Cache installed, and it includes Google PageSpeed. It is showing a performance fail for mobile and a near-fail for Desktop. Due to this, it may be better to switch to a more responsive theme, but this would be a daunting task for me and the site setup looks good now.

The sitemap is missing and there are some standard [wordpress.org](https://wordpress.org) inclusions that are missing, such as Enabling the Sitemap option in the General Settings. Although my company is paying for WordPress for Business through GoDaddy, I am noticing some business features are missing including access to support chat (forums only). I use [wordpress.com](https://wordpress.com) for my personal sites and have these features. I want to get the sitemap added and updated ASAP, so all help is appreciated.

I know 5.5 automatically generates a sitemap, but when I log into the Google Search Console, it says the sitemap couldn’t be read. TIA.


  1. If you go to yoursite.com/sitemap.xml is there anything there?

    Do you have an SEO plugin installed on site? Those usually will populate the sitemap.

    Part of your problem with page speed is most likely due to the fact that you are on godaddy hosting. It’s probably shared hosting. Neither godaddy or wordpress.com are good hosts and should usually be avoided.

    A more responsive theme would not necessarily improve page speed. That is more done by optimizing your site by doing things like using properly sized images, proper image formats (webp/avif), optimizing code, proper cache, and a good host.


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