WordPress site not loading after change of IP address

Hello all! I’ve recently been working on a project to help set up and configure a website for a local community. The server was configured on my home network and have reached the stage of the site being available publicly with a SSL certificate etc. Now I’m ready to move the raspberry pi to their network and host it, however the site is no longer loading. I reckon the change of IP address is the cause. Without having to faff about with the domain services or setting a static IP address with the same as the one I used, is there something which could be causing this?

The public IP address set on the A record via GoDaddy was changed to their Public IP address and has been changed for a while.

I’ve checked the SQL DB settings for both the home and siteurl configuration and this is set to the server’s web address. Do I need to change it back to the new IP address and then start over?

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