WordPress Site Which Uses Database Stored Locally?

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to build a website that utilizes a common database (either Excel or Google Sheets), but tracks ‘ownership’ of over 2,000 items on a per-user basis. So far, short of paying $50/mo for what I was hoping would be a free passion project, I’ve hit a wall. The problem seems to be tracking the items per-user. It just struck me that it could be possible to build the site so that it accesses a locally-stored copy of the DB, so that each user just hosts their own copy. Is that feasible? Thanks!

  1. LocalWP.

    The DB is stored on each user’s PC (i.e. the WP database). You’ll need to figure out a way of distributing the plugin responsible for managing the items.

  2. Curious if WP Playground could be used for this… fork and build a custom image including your DB and deploy it to Cloudflare or similar. The site will run in the browser and can load your specified DB instead of using session storage. Only caveat is data doesn’t get synced back – so if someone makes a change it wouldn’t affect anyone else’s data. Maybe that would work?

    Easier path is probably LocalWP as u/bluesix suggests. A lot more documentation is available for it. I’ve just started working with Playground and this sounded like an interesting use case

  3. Web hosting comes with mysql or maria so there ya go. You can get a google api key and pull data with about 15 lines of code to make it a shortcode or something. But it’s slow, like 15-30 sec for just 40 fields. Also a plugin is just going to emphasize how you can’t display 2000 items on a front end page without a data plan. So just manage the data in mysql.


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