WordPress speed issues

Hi everyone, I have a wordpress site that has never been great for speed but it seems to have become a problem recently.

The core web vitals of my 4 indexed pages have gone from needs improvement to poor. And the Page Speed Insights results are around 27 for Mobile and 50 on desktop.

The biggest speed factor on Desktop is LCP (4,000 ms). 94% of that is “render delay”. Google points to the site logo as the LCP but it is only 2kb and LCP remains the problem when i change the logo to theme default. The next biggest factor is main thread work at around 3 s. For mobile main thread work is first at 10 s. Second is LCP 12,000 ms with 94% of that being render delay. Even on image-free pages the LCP render delay is one of the top issues.

So far I’ve found that Slider Revolution (only used on homepage) and WP bakery (my primary page builder) both make a significant impact. Main thread work improves when they are disabled, but it doesn’t do much for LCP. I did notice that the LCP delay shifts from “render delay” to “load delay” when siteground is disabled.

I’m stumped on what is causing the LCP render delay and I’m not sure what to do next.

If anyone has any insights, they would be greatly appreciated.

SITE DETAILS: Veera theme from LA Studio hosted on Site Ground. URL is: [cobbledgoods.com](http://cobbledgoods.com)

  1. Where are you hosting the site?

    The initial page requests seem high, and your images don’t seem to be optimized on a CDN. Honestly, switching to Kinsta or WPEngine may do the trick but I can’t say for sure without digging deeper.

  2. Slider revolution is a disaster.
    Unless you optimize it for speed using the plugin that called hummingbird that comes from the same makers of smush pro.
    Anyways, try smart slider 3.
    Much easier on the performance. Also DM me and I can send you a link to improve performance.


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