Workhero – stay away

Hey everyone,

I just need to vent and give you all a heads-up about UseWorkHero. Thought I was signing up for peace of mind with their “24/7 concierge service” for my site that pulls in more than 100k visitors a day. Spoiler alert: things didn’t go as planned.

Round 1: They went ahead and installed a new caching plugin directly on our live site (yeah, bypassing staging because why not?). Chaos ensued. Our site turned into a digital ghost town, and it cost us big time – not just in cash but in sleepless nights too.

Round 2: When our site got hit by a bot attack, I flagged it as urgent. I mean, it was all hands on deck, right? Wrong. It took them a whopping 4.5 days to even get back to me. So much for “24/7” support.

After all this, I figured I’d reach out to the big boss, the founder. Got a month’s refund as a “sorry for your troubles” gesture. But here’s the kicker: they refunded me a fraction of what we lost and then – get this – kicked us off their service. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Look, I’m not usually one to rant online, but I hoped for so much better, especially given what we were paying. For anyone thinking about using UseWorkHero, just wanted to share my story so you know what you might be getting into. Proceed with caution, folks.

Vent over. Thanks for letting me share.

  1. 4.5 days to get back? Partial refund? What a shitfest.

    What hosting service are you using? They should handle the attacks and such.

  2. Oof, sorry OP, that’s awful to hear. Having worked at a large agency for many years, it was treating people like this that was a huge motivation to end my contract and launch my own agency to come at WordPress support and development in a wholly different fashion. May you never run into to such again.

  3. How can they charge so much while providing this level of service? Also their trustpilot reviews seem great. OP not doubting you but is there more context we are not seeing here?

  4. I heave never heard of them, but in my agency wordpress development site, I advertise good support (not 24/7) but I feel pretty bad when I sleep for 6 hrs and we do not answer for 2-3 hrs haha.

    For the customers requiring constant support I always give them my whatsapp so they can even reach me in the middle of the night. of course this service doesn’t cost pennies, but when you have a site that has tens of thousands of users you will have a few hundred to a thousand a month to make sure you have someone that has your back.

    Sorry for the experience , I feel you


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