Would the plugin store help increase SaaS usage?

Questions for WP developers, and perhaps plugin developers:

* Do you ever use the marketplace ([https://wordpress.org/plugins/](https://wordpress.org/plugins/)) to discover new plugins?
* Are there any other marketplaces that you do visit?

Some app stores like Apple app store became a big pit and without marketing or app store optimization, you almost don’t have any chance of getting organic traffic.

Looking forward to hearing what the community thinks about this.

  1. No, I usually don’t use the WordPress plugin marketplace to discover new plugins. Instead, I rely on community recommendations / reddit and developer forums for discoveries. Usually when a specific problem comes up there must be people who must have faced it and come up with a solution after a discussion.

  2. The .org repository is not a marketplace.

    Once in a while I’ll find a new plugin there, but I’m a full stack dev, so mostly write functionality needs outside base plugins in my standard toolset, though I have a couple of my plugins in the repository.

  3. I’m an author of repo (https://w.org/plugins/) plugins. For what it’s worth, I choose my keywords carefully, and try to explain what my plugins do and don’t do. My goal is to help people discover my plugins and other ones they might need.


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