WP-Admin becomes slower with Burst installed

@janpeeters I can’t reproduce a speed issue on the wp-admin. Do you maybe have WP_DEBUG set to true? Enabling WP_DEBUG might slow down your admin a bit, but I wouldn’t expect this to be much.

It might be an upgrade running, but if this is a new environment that is probably not the case. If it is an upgrade, the issue will be gone after the upgrade finishes.

Besides that, most heavy queries will only run in you load the Burst dashboard.

The measurement you do is purely how fast the wp-admin loads?

You could try installing Query Monitor to see if there’s a specific database query that is slow. That might tell us what the problem is.

If you have a debug log and see some errors regarding Burst, that might help us as well.

Hi Rogier, Thanks for your speedy reply.

WP_DEBUG was off. I’ve installed Query Monitor (handy tool, wasn’t aware of it, thanks!) and it doesn’t show any issues with Burst Analytics. I also didn’t find anything in the debug log.
I also don’t notice the slowdown anymore, but it happened on three websites where, when I deactivating it, the speed improved. I thought BA to be the culprit, but it might have been a server load issue.
I’ll keep an eye on it and if I notice anything related I’ll report back.

Thanks again for the kind support!


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