WP Plugin for a complex calculator/form creator?

I’ve created a complex “calculator” in a spreadsheet that I’d like to recreate in a form or calculator on my B2B website for lead gen. It has dropdowns that would automatically fill other fields, such as “Choose your industry”. If they select “Automotive” other fields would automatically populate.

My spreadsheet uses a fair amount of very long, embedded If/Then formulas. Do any of the plug ins handle this kind of thing? I’ve been searching around and they all seem great for things like BMI or Mortgage calculators, but this will have 2 dropdowns that interact to auto fill 4 cells. Then require about 8 inputs from the user to produce the outcome.

Bonus points if there is a way to then export the results into a pre-formated PDF.

I should note, I’m an over-educated middle manager just learning wordpress and plug ins, I don’t know any actual programming.

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