WP Security for high volume sites

I am looking for any guides around WP security best practices for high volume sites (most of what i’ve found seems to be tailored to personal sites). For example, I’m curious how large organizations prioritize changes for plugins with known CVEs, etc.

Thank you for the insight.

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  1. I don’t have a ‘guide’ for this but maybe have some insight. The differences between a personal site and an enterprise/high traffic site can vary but a few things that might help –

    1. Version control and Composer if possible for themes, plugin, core

    2. Clear ownership and process for notification of vulnerabilities and updates – Patchstack; wpscan, etc… have APIs and services to help with this. For example, we used an API to pipe vulnerability notices into our project management system automatically and assign

    3. A dev -> staging -> production pipeline that is well documented and a process is created around it to test updates and deploy

    4. Offload media makes dev life easier and can help with DR / improve RTO and other benefits

    5. Authentication – SSO with the Org’s identity provider and really locking down WP admin

    6. Very good DDOS protection


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