WPforms alternatives?

Any alternatives for WPforms? It’s super annoying to use and they don’t make it easy to set up imo. Don’t understand why they make you install WP Mail SMTP on top of that so you can get the submissions sent to your email?

Don’t like the interface either, it’s horrible.

Looking for something that:
1) doesn’t have a yearly charge, one time fee instead.
2) that you can see all submissions in one place
3) that can customise appearance
4) isn’t as technical as wpforms

Im not super tech savvy FYI, thanks.

  1. Have you tried Contact Form 7? That one goes straight to your email and if your email is fully hosted by your hosting then just forward all emails from your hosting to your regular/personal email

  2. Im not sure there are any advanced forms that have a 1 time fee because they all have a free version and a premium version. Most but not all form builders will require an SMTP plugin like Fluent SMTP or the likes. This prevents spam. Maybe try Bitforms which has SMTP built in

  3. If you’re willing to spend a bit then you can look at Ninja Forms (has both free and pro versions) and if you’re using Elementor you can upgrade to Elementor Pro to use their forms widget, which is very nice and customizable, and can now save submissions to your database (and also email them).

    As for the SMTP plugin, well, WPForms is just advertising their other product 😅

    You are not required to use an SMTP plugin, however mail sending depends on how your hosting was set up. Most hosting companies configure their servers and PHP correctly so you can send emails from your form plugin right out of the box. But there are situations where an SMTP plugin might be required.

  4. Gravity forms is the king 👑

    Most mature piece of software amongst competitors.

    You can buy it once and stop updating.

  5. None of the good form.plugins offer lifetime licenses anymore. If you only need the basic functionality, Formidable Forms is fantastic. If you need advanced features, you’ll have to pay for Pro, but it does a lot, and everything is included.


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