Your thoughts on my process towards new Block Theme development?

I’ve been catching up on new block theme development over the past three days. My head is spinning. Here is the process I came up with in order to develop something and I’m curious to know anyone’s opinions:

**Goal**: Create heavily branded blocks for a client. Create templates that already contain blocks and follow designs provided by Figma documents.

* I’m going to disable some core blocks that are not needed and may go against the brand/style
* I will create new blocks and somehow(?) implement a CSS framework at this level
* Custom CSS will be created at the block level?
* The theme.json will specify the level of customization that will be offered to the client
* Some pages in the template hierarchy will contain block markup which will predefine the structure of those pages.
* Block markup should(?) be retrieved directly from the site editor as suggested by WP
* Then after a while I will have created the necessary components for this block theme.

Obviously there’s a lot of question marks there. Any thoughts on my understanding? Thanks for your time.


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