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Hi @candeshop407

Something in the code is forcing this to happen. Can we get it fixed?

This isn’t reproducible on our testing site nor do we have any other support requests with this issue. Can you share a link to your website so we can review?

The Stripe plugin doesn’t manipulate the checkout page HTML. All of the CSS for the plugin targets Stripe specific elements so that is odd you’re observing this behavior.

Do you have express checkout enabled?

Kind Regards

Yes express checkout is enabled, turning it off fix the issue?

Yes express checkout is enabled, turning it off fix the issue?

Are you asking if turning off express checkout will resolve the issue or are you confirming that turning off express checkout fixes the issue?

asking, in fact I’m not even sure where to find the option to turn it off.

On the Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Payment Request Settings pages you control what payment methods are enabled in the express checkout. If they are all disabled for that section then express checkout won’t show.

Can you share a website link so we can review? It’s likely a very simple fix related to some CSS conflict.

Kind Regards


You have to go into the settings for Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce, click on the Apple Pay tab & remove ‘top of checkout’ from the “payment sections” area. Then do the same for the Google Pay tab.


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