404 Not Found on site


So I created a a two page site:

Home Page, with a header that has a nav bar with the only link is to the second page.

The second page has custom “slug” with the Home page as the parent. The link redirect to a HTTPS:// URL of the second page (slug) and gives a 404 error.

I have no SSL type stuff enabled, no extra plugins.

What could be the issue?



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  1. Your post is kinda confusing.

    If you don’t have SSL, you can’t use https.

    Your homepage url is your domain or simply /.
    Your child page url will be /homepage/second-page/

    It might be easier if you didn’t make the second page a child of the homepage. I’m that case it’s url would just be /second-page/

    This would be easier for us to help you if you shared your site and the URLs.


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