A friend of mine said he doesn’t thinks I should call myself a developer and the best I could do is with “frontend engineer”

I’ve been developing custom WordPress themes for over 10+ years for clients and a little bit of plug-in development. Using SASS, JavaScript and PHP. Advanced Custom Fields but now Gutenberg custom blocks.

My friend who is also a laravel developer, said he doesn’t considers anyone who does “WordPress” to be a developer. At least unless you’ve done something open source and contributed to the community.

  1. Depends what you mean by “developing custom themes”. I see people say this a lot here, but when asking them what they’re actually doing, they saying using a child theme 🤦‍♂️

    If you are actually building you’re own stuff (themes and plugins), then you are a developer.

  2. You really and truly ought to tell your friend to just mind his own business and leave you alone to mind yours… in fact, telling him to just fuck off, wouldn’t be totally unwarranted.


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