Accesibility ready – 1 error

Hi @spinablanca,

This warning appears because the anchor tag (<a>) for this link does not contain any visible text, so screen readers don’t have any ‘content to read’.

Could you try enabling the following option, to see if that helps to resolve the warning? Under Complianz > Cookie Banner > Banner settings, enable the “Legal document links on banner” setting.

Kind regards, Jarno


Thank you for you quick answer.

The “Legal document links on banner” was already enabled in settings.

And just for trying, I disabled it and the error in Page Speed Insight that reported the same error as in Wave has disappeared.

Looking at your code (where the error is pointing to), I can see that there are tree links, two of theme have – href=”#” data-relative_url=””> {title} – and the one that is giving the error has not.

<div class=”cmplz-links cmplz-documents”>
Empty link
<a class=”cmplz-link cookie-statement” href=”” data-relative_url=””&gt;
</a><a class=”cmplz-link privacy-statement cmplz-hidden” href=”#” data-relative_url=””> {title}
</a><a class=”cmplz-link impressum cmplz-hidden” href=”#” data-relative_url=””> {title} </a></div>

Please, can you help me to find a solution.

Thank you very much

Hi @spinablanca,

It happens because the first link doesn’t have a {title} between the <a> tags in your case. I’m trying to figure out why that might be, because on my test site, all of these links do have a {title} attribute added (screenshot here).

Under Complianz > Wizard > Documents, could you confirm that you have your Cookie Policy set to “Link to Custom Page”, and that you have selected your Cookie Policy page in the dropdown menu?

Kind regards, Jarno

Hi Jarnovos,

Yes, it was the “Link to Custom Page”. I did as you said and the error in Wave does not appear any more.

Thank you so much. 5 stars because there not ten!

I wish you the best today and always

Regards from Isabel

Hi @spinablanca,

That’s great, very glad to hear that worked for you!

And thank you for your kind words. I hope you have a great rest of your day as well!

Kind regards, Jarno


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