Accidentally chose the wrong Media to “Permanent Delete”‘ – Can I recover

As title suggests.
Forgot to change the drop down, pressed Delete and removed alot of important images from my home page (Main images, navigation arrows, etc.)

I think I know its not reversible but hoping someone can confirm otherwise…


  1. If you deleted content from the page editor, you can use the WP default editor and search the history there. Locate a previous version and restore it.

    But if you actually deleted files from the media manager, do this:

    Login to cPanel. Go to the Backup icon. You may have a few different backup menus, try them all to see which one has the daily backup. Locate the last backup just before that image removal. Beware that the backup will restore just about everything files-related, and also will delete changes made after this backup, not only those images from the home page, but maybe other stuff you may have changed and don’t want to revert to.

    Restore that point. If it asks what do you want to restore, check files (not database). When the restore is complete, go back to the WP admin.


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