add code for all except admin

tried this, but seems to not work as expected.

I copied and pasted your code, and it works for me as expected.

In what way is it working that’s not expected?

(The only thing I can think of why the code may not be working at all is if your theme is not calling wp_footer.)

work so good (but just for all) with simply:

add_action('wp_footer', 'insert_js_into_footer');
function insert_js_into_footer() {
    #if ( ! current_user_can('administrator')) {
        <!-- my code -->

without # simply I can’t see (both for guest in private browser and by admin).

anytime flush litespeed cache but issue remain.

It works fine for me – but without any cache plugin. I suspect that this is the problem for you. Or perhaps another plugin that is interfering with the check. Try deactivating it to find the culprit.

ty. after some test, I think is an issue with incognito mode here in Firefox mobile. I see code like from logged user (I search for login widget and I seen my name also if apparently I’m absolutely not logged in). Maybe an issue with view source plugin. Tomorrow I check from desktop. Ty


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